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the latest and greatest as of whenever

A simple changelog. Just a few things that I've added, updated, or fixed recently. Latest chances up top.

Have an idea to make this site better or more useful? Hit me up, I want to know!.

"Fixed" scripts. I really do just want to kill myself when looking at this shit code now... This crap needs an overhaul.

Previous Updates

New host isn't panning out so well. Restored site from backup after host had a RAID array fail 100%.... Always keep your backups kids. I do.

Moved to a new server. Old server host failing to bring VPS back online.

Fixed a few new backend issues

Fixed a few stupid problems with tooltip titles on some buttons

Tweaked a few page titles

Minor tweaks to backend scripts

Added search to the seiyuu listing. Buggy and shitty right now, but should get the job done

Added search results count to top of anime and seiyuu search results

Added a nothing found message to failed seiyuu searches

Fixed a small layout problem with Chrome

Changed the icon for the seiyuu listing

Fixed "1 days ago" to say "Yesterday"

Minimized sorting icons on anime listing

Search also works with Japanese

Added a search box to the top of the main anime listing. Sorts by relevance only for now

Fixed a rare problem with seiyuu's names rendering with the wrong charset in the title

Added a search box to the top of individual anime pages

Added a sortable listing of all actors/seiyuu in the database. Will be searchable soon

Updated to latest Font Awesome

Fixed the way 404s work. Placeholder images will always show now. Please report missing images

Fixed the way links and linked files work. This will change nothing 99.99% of the time

Added AniList links to all titles

Various CSS tweaks

Added seiyuu's names to the title of pages

Added alt-text and titles to thumbnails of titles that show all searchable names and aliases

Fixed long titles in the seiyuu list view looking stupid

Added seiyuu pages. View a nice grid or listing of all characters voiced in our database

Found a way to finally rotate the second random link

The various other CSS tweaks that I make every weekend

Fixed an issue with external links

Added alt styles for all list items

Fixed pagination not working for a really stupid reason

Small CSS changes

Added links to the front page's latest additions/updates

Fixed a handful of spelling errors now that my spellcheck is working

Added the anime list. Complete list of all titles in the database. Can be sorted, will probably add a search function sooner or later

Tweaked the selector inputs a bit to be almost "center"

Added randomizer links for single titles. Lets you "lock" a title in, and randomize only one

Added anime pages: lists the one title's cast and all available languages. Mainly for search engines

Purple is always best right?

Tweaked font sized on longer titles, jammed some text closer together, tweaked links external links

Discovered and fixed a small spacing problem in Chrome. Layout still not pixel perfect in IE, oh well

Added option to show links to ANN, Hummingbird, AniDB, and Anime-Planet. Will be added to all titles sooner or later (this shit is tedious as hell)

Fixed time modified saying stupid things like "1 months ago"

Fixed the best guess to be smarter (you'll be able to search for things like "K" easier)

Fixed stupid long titles from breaking the layout

A few more minor layout tweaks

Added randomizer link to header for shits and giggles

Fixed a stupid ass error in my update script because I'm stupid

Added a short list to the index page showing the five last updated titles

Added silly option to pull two random titles. Click here or hit the compare button with empty fields (empty ID = random)

Fixed an issue causing only Fate/Stay Night S2 to show up when the compare button was hit

Minor tweaks to some wordings, TL notes added

Added fallback for searching titles. Dropdown can be skipped, best guess at title entered will be picked (angel bea = Angel Beats!)

Added last update timestamps

Added optional flag to airing/incomplete series. Report these for updates

Minor CSS tweaks

Added this changelog

Added groundwork for last update timestamps (will be coming sooner or later)

Added "Problem Here" button to matches - Makes reporting outdated data a bit easier

Fixed a problem preventing Japanese from working with the autocomplete (still a pain in the ass with an IME...)

Improved the way I update/get anime for the database. Not that exciting for anyone but me :/

Last update: 6/27/15 (...)